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St Mark's 2000

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Phase Two

Phase Two of the St Mark's 2000 redevelopment took place over the summer of 2012. It was mainly concerned with the rear premises, and its aims were:

Before the work began, the options that were considered were set out in a series of 6 articles in the Messenger (the church magazine). These articles have been joined together as a single pdf [528 KB].

The work included the construction of the new 'link' building between the Church and the rear premises, the creation of the new toilets, and the refurbishment of the kitchen. Work began on 21st May 2012 and a service of rededication of the refurbished halls and rooms took place on Saturday 17th November 2012.

The thumbnails below are links to larger versions of the pictures of the premises before the work began.

The rear premises as they were
The church hall The hall corridor The kitchen The kitchen The kitchen The vestibule The corridor
The small hall The small hall Room 5 Room 3 The toilets The toilets
The choir vestry The choir vestry The choir vestry stairs The minister's vestry stairs The minister's vestry The minister's vestry
The old apse The old apse The cellar The cellar
The entrance The church hall View down the drive View up the drive View up the drive